Monthly Archives: March 2014

Monthly Archives: March 2014

Mango Salsa

Mango isn’t my all-time favorite fruit, but I do enjoy it in savory dishes, like this spicy-sweet salsa. Prepare this mango salsa at least a few hours ahead and refrigerate so the flavors have a chance to develop. The heat intensifies over time, which I think just makes it better. It’s great with grilled fish […]

Playing with Stop-Motion Video on Vine

So, Content Kitchen got an unusual request: Produce Vine video concepts for a client. Now, with Vine, you’ve got a mere six seconds to tell your story. That’s a challenge, but so is the social platform — Vine is best known for jackass stunts performed by teen-age boys. Fun stuff, though not exactly a perfect […]

Content Kitchen is Out of the Oven

Content Kitchen is now live and serving up tasty content strategy.With heartfelt special thanks to: Goldfinger Consulting (website design) Fuze Branding (logo and brand package)

The CK Content Philosophy


Great Content Starts with Your Audience I love this quote, because Edward Tufte is a Yale statistician whose work is all about numbers — he pioneered the science of visualizing data — yet he never forgets that each number represents a person. Great content is created for people, not eyeballs. Effective content marketing hits the […]