5 Delicious Instagram Feeds

5 Delicious Instagram Feeds

5 Delicious Instagram Feeds 1400 938 Alison Ashton

When I’m standing in line, sitting in a waiting room or otherwise have a few minutes to spare, like most of us, I turn to my smartphone to check in with my social media feeds. And I often end up scrolling through Instagram, enjoying the seemingly casual, behind-the-scenes connection that comes with it (vs. the aspirational sell of Pinterest). It’s just fun eye candy. Naturally, my Instagram feed is filled with lots of gorgeous food. And I find myself drawn to these five accounts more than any others. Their posts consistently make me stop, like and leave a comment.

They’re definitely worth following, if you aren’t already, and there are lessons to be learned from each of them. I’d love for my own feed to be half as lush and gorgeous and entertaining as these, if it weren’t littered as it is with far too many pictures of my dog.


“Here fishy fishy fishy”

“…and done!”

Matt Armendariz is the voice and eye behind the popular Matt Bites blog. He’s also a top food photographer (you’ve probably seen his work in ads, catalogs and food magazines), so it’s no surprise that his images are top notch. But what I really enjoy are his work-in-progress shots, which — to me — tell the story of a pro stretching his creative muscles. The above images and captions are perfect example — how cute is that?

Lesson: Share your story through your work.


“About to do some chana dalling, dahling. #dal #dinner.”

“Sit down and shuck up.”

Cookbook author Cheryl Sternman Rule (Ripe and the forthcoming Yogurt Culture) is a food writer with a keen visual eye. But there are lots of pretty pictures of food on Instagram. What sets Cheryl’s feed apart is her unique combo of striking, well-composed images and short, cheeky captions that showcase her witty style. No wonder she has more than 31,000 followers.

Lesson: Be true to your voice.


Frank’s captions are way too long to include here. Click through on the images above to check ’em out.

Chef Frank Prisinzano, owner of Sauce, Frank Restaurant, Supper and Lil’ Frankie’s in New York, snaps some pretty food pics (along with some stellar landscapes on his travels), to be sure. But what makes his feed really engaging are the long, lively captions (mini-essays, really) that accompany his images. His images catch your eye while his narrative reels you in. He certainly breaks the “rule” that descriptions should be short.

Lesson: Instagram isn’t just about the images — don’t be afraid to say your piece.


Carnage ~ you know, for Carnevale

Cavolo verza | Savoy cabbage #gloriousvegetables #nofilter

Italian food — and lots of it — is what you’ll find in food writer Domenica Marchetti’s feed. She is, after all, the author of Glorious Vegetables of Italy, Glorious Pasta of Italy and other cookbooks. I love the in-process immediacy to Domenica’s posts — I feel like I’m standing alongside at her gorgeous marble countertop.

Lesson: A consistent setting makes followers feel at home.


Fresh coconut with Katie in Samoa

“Mr. Chocolate” in Barcelona

You don’t have to be a foodie to know that food is a key ingredient for a great travel experience. EatWith is culinary matchmaking community that connects hungry travelers with local cooks and chefs serving up home-cooked meals. From homemade sushi in Tokyo to organic farm dinners in Malibu to a Sephardic shabbat supper in Tel Aviv, EatWith helps travelers find unique culinary experiences around the globe. This is the only brand in my five faves, but I love it because their Instagram feed showcases mouthwatering food and friendly local hosts to whet your appetite. Who wouldn’t want to have a tart with “Mr. Chocolate” in Barcelona?

Lesson: Great images to create an I-want-to-be-there immediacy.