Playing with Stop-Motion Video on Vine

March 20, 2014Content Strategy Tips, Video

"Creative" use of a tripod ...

“Creative” use of a tripod …

So, Content Kitchen got an unusual request: Produce Vine video concepts for a client. Now, with Vine, you’ve got a mere six seconds to tell your story. That’s a challenge, but so is the social platform — Vine is best known for jackass stunts performed by teen-age boys. Fun stuff, though not exactly a perfect fit for the client. But the whimsical charm of stop-motion video provides a vehicle to convey a lot of info in just a few seconds. A playful caption with hashtags helps, too. Here are some examples.

Show a super-speedy recipe. This video is, literally, a 3-ingredient breakfast in 3 seconds:


This one is conceptual approach to a dry topic: food that’s good for your eyes.

For this one, I used captions and visuals to convey health information (probably a bit too much for the short time frame). Really, I was looking for an excuse to use those pretty, vintage-looking copper measuring spoons :-):


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