Dark Chocolate-Ancho Chile Cake

Dark Chocolate-Ancho Chile Cake 916 613 Alison Ashton

When dark chocolate meets ancho chile, it’s a happy taste match. This recipe started with a tub of leftover sour cream in the fridge and a yen for something with…

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Banana Bread, Revisited

Banana Bread, Revisited 700 469 Alison Ashton

I picked up some bananas for a staff snack during a photo shoot the other week. And as I grabbed a bunch at the store, I thought, “Well, if these…

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Vegan Baking Grows Up

Vegan Baking Grows Up 700 446 Alison Ashton

I’m not vegan, but I’ve been on a bit of vegan kick lately. There are plenty of health, animal welfare and environmental reasons to adopt a plant-based diet. But my…

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