Here’s what I can do for you

Digital and print content, email campaigns, video, social media outreach — all are part of a holistic strategy that engages audiences wherever they want to meet you. I focus on the sweet spot where your goals overlap with your customers’ appetite for maximum engagement and results.

Recipes are the ultimate interactive content to take your message from page to plate and inspire audience engagement on the deepest level. 

Juicy images to whet your audience’s appetite and help them connect with your brand.

Why work with me?


Win-Win Content

I focus on where your needs intersect with your audience’s desires to develop effective content that gets results.


Insider Experience

I’ve worked at top media outlets, so I have unique perspective on what it takes to create crave-worthy content.


Culinary Chops

I trained at Le Cordon Bleu, worked in a top Los Angeles restaurant kitchen and developed test-kitchen-vetted, reader-friendly recipes.

Content Strategy

Content that makes your audience beg for seconds

Recipe Development

Fresh recipes that welcome everyone to your table

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